Beta Tester Feedback Form

Thank-You for volunteering to be a beta-tester for one of the eCourses.
I truly appreciate every bit of time you spend on this course.
I want your honest opinions so that I can continue to provide excellent services.

I am going to try my best to implement your feedback you go through the weekly program.

>>> Things that will not be applicable to future women actually going through the program when it’s launched (aka. not part of their experience, but part of yours, please don’t judge these things as part of the program experience):

  • Weekly access emails
    This will be an evergreen program - Women who sign up will get full access to the whole course right from purchase - self-development and learning will be self-directed and completed in their own time.

  • Feedback forms

  • Most weeks will have actual videos (with my face) within the course content - I’m using the feedback you give me to tweek & guide what the videos actually include.

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PS> Don't forget to send me a picture!