All you need is 20 minutes a day. {Intentional Music}


Full-time working mom gets home from work. While making supper she starts to get this heart-pounding-thoughts-racing feeling. Her husband walks in, with the kids and asks her "What's wrong?". She can't identify anything specific. "I'm ok" she says. While cutting up the potatoes her thoughts keep jumping... the work-day, the over due project, the new trainee, the groceries, the kids swimming lessons, the house, the in-laws, the summer holidays, the budget, the, the, the.... She knows enough in this moment to take a "time-out", she sits on the couch. Scrolls through social media, the feeling won't subside. "This isn't working" she says to herself. Puts her phone down. Walks over to the stereo and puts on one of her favourite songs.

She closes her eyes. She lets the energy of the song take over. She can feel it all over her body, she starts to sway back at forth. She feels this wave-like sensation. She keeps swaying back and forth, quietly mouthing the words, losing herself in the song. She tears up. She stays in this moment. Nothing matters but the song. The song ends. She opens her eyes and feels refreshed, finishes supper and is able to be present with her family for the rest of the evening.

It only takes twenty minutes of music listening a day to decrease your stress, boost your mood and increase your happiness. 

Jennifer Buchanan (music therapist in Calgary, AB) has some great resources aimed at using music in your life with purpose and intention.

I encourage you to explore your music tastes and start using music intentionally in your life TODAY!