Take a breather, Gord said it as ok

Gord Downie is a Canadian legend. He brought people together, he sang the truth and spoke words like poetry.

When diagnosed with caner, he didn't retreat. He continued to give all of himself to his fans & music. He continued to live his life as the true artist he was. No one will really know what those final moments were like for him, but I imagine they were filled with tears, music, strength and true self expression.

There are many ways Gord sang of truth and authenticity in life. Here are 4 of my favourite lyrics that speak to this:

  1. "We can take a bit of a breather. We can skip to the practical part. We can skip to the time of neither" - Lake Fever, 2000
  2. "First thing we'd climb a tree and maybe then we'd talk or sit silently and listen to our thoughts. With illusions of someday casting a golden light. No dress rehearsal, this is our life" - Ahead by a Century, 1996
  3. "Armed with will and determination, and grace, too" - Grace, Too, 1994
  4. “For a good life we just might have to weaken and find somewhere to go. Go somewhere we’re needed. Find somewhere to grow. Grow somewhere we’re needed” - It’s a Good Life, If You Don’t Weaken, 2002