Annual Reflections & Intentions

This year has tested me in ways I never thought possible. I initiated two businesses. Went back to school. Balanced a shift-working husband, toddler, fur baby and household. I'm here and still going strong. I'm always re-learning how to be gentle with myself (and others), reassessing my expectations & boundaries and not trying to do everything all at once. 

Here are other random (and not so random) reflections about 2017.

  • Applied for Expressive Art Therapy Training through Prairie Expressive Arts Therapy Institute.
  • After months and months and months of logistics, numbers and business planning Kristin MacPherson and I saw our unicorn dream come to fruition, thanks to our landlord.
  • Collectively we own & operate Red Fox Creative Studio.
  • 2017 started with extensive business planning & implementation for Red Fox Creative Studio.
  • Moved into 300 - 1954 Angus St studio space FEB 1st.
  • Built an office in the studio space - ok we didn't actually build it - but we did white wash the walls.
  • The first Red Fox class ran on MAR 6th.
  • My boy turned two years old. Commence TERRIBLE scratch that "teaching twos".
  • In March my son had his first sleepover with his Grammie. Give yourself permission to know when you're ready for something like this. For me, it took two years and a lot of suggesting from family members. It is a lot of planning, packing and worry. You'll know when you're ready. Trust your heart.
  • In April I started the Expressive Arts Training in Calgry. It was heavy and light. Dark and sunny. Lovely and enriching. I met 11 amazing woman doing great things in their professions and lives. The first intensive week we covered: story-telling, narratives, drama therapy and music therapy.
  • Summary of the training: 2000 kms driven, 6 days of training, 1 day off, 1 personal expressive art therapy appt, 9 days without my son or husband, 1 tired and inspired self.
  • I got home from the training feeling thrilled about the applications of expressive therapies.
  • Through out the summer months (before going back in Sept) I was to complete 2 hours of creative studio work and one journal entry every week. Plus read all my materials, keep up with self-discovery and correspond with other participants in the training.
  • May: Soft launch of the therapy website. This was literally my blood sweat and tears.
  • Mother's Day was spent with my mom at Over the Hill Orchards.
  • I wrote a BLOG post about my grandmother. You can read it. This was one of the last conversations I has with her. She departed this world in NOV.
  • Designed, launched, promoted and facilitated the first Maternal Healing Group.
  • Red Fox attended the Cathedral Village Arts Festival.
  • My friend created a monarch butterfly habitat for us. We raised three butterflies and released them into nature.
  • There was a family of owls living in my neighbours yard.
  • My cousin revealed the finished touches on the vintage Camaro she is restoring on behalf of her dad. 
  • My favourite place is Cypress Hills, SK
  • Shameless self-promotion... We are having four events out at the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park this summer.
  • We had a wonderful visit from my family who lives in Vancouver. My husband and I hosted a family BBQ. There were lots of laughs, tears and reminiscing.
  • Took my son water sliding for the first time. At times like this I am happy I was "in the moment"... however, I would've loved to have a go-pro strapped to my head. The look of pure playfulness and joy on his face was amazing.
  • Completed my Expressive Arts Training. This was an amazing experience. I grew both personally & professionally as a person. Considering the stage of life I'm in, this was a HUGE accomplishment & sacrifice for my family.
  • For thanksgiving I reconnected with an old friend. We planned to drive to Saskatoon, attend a craft sale and stay the night at a hotel (all husbandless and kidless). It was amazing to get away, unplug and reconnect with myself and my oldest friend.
  • Hosted the YWCA Regina Girls Camp at the studio. They participated in a guided meditation about self love and then put that experience to canvas boards. See BLOG POST.
  • Summer Vacation this year was to Edmonton, Cold Lake and Calgary (Okotoks). We experienced Fort Edmonton, Edmonton Zoo, Calgary Zoo and a WHOLE lot of reconnecting with family. 
  • Feeling thankful for the media coverage we've had in our first year of business. Two spots in Global Regina and one live CTV Morning Show segment.
  • I am so very grateful for everyone who has supported this journey and I look forward to everything it may bring my way.
  • Facilitated three mom's groups. I always learn more from the mom's then they do from me. There are some pretty amazing women in this city!
  • Scheduled over 50 client appointments. Thank you for being vulnerable and showing up for yourself.
  • Hosted two Women's Empowerment Events. The first one in November SOLD OUT.
  • Another shameless self promotion: check out all the ways you can invest in yourself in 2018.

AND, to end this annual summary...

  • Start doing the things you love.
  • Take your mask off and embrace vulnerability.
  • Ask for what you need.
  • Speak your truth.
  • YOU matter and YOUR mental health matters too.