7 reasons NOT to join a mom support group and the reasons why you should come anyways

1. I'm too tired

Mama, tell me about it. Who isn't. My son is almost three and we're still up at least once/night. Tiredness doesn't go away, it just gets more manageable.
TRUTH: You can be tired at home OR you can get your butt in the car, grab a latte and maybe, just maybe you'll meet a mama-friend (but, you'll ever find out sitting at home binge watching Netflix).

2. I need a shower, to eat and a shave

Again, who doesn't. Nobody cares. Dry shampoo, grab a bagel on the way and shave tomorrow. Go anyway.

3. But it's nap time

There’s a very short window of time in the beginning when that babe can sleep anytime, anywhere. Maternal mental health and connection are more important than that bit of rest you "might" get staying home.

4. But what if I break down?

TRUTH: Ya, ok,  you probably will (the first time). Motherhood is f-ing hard. And you know what? Other moms will be crying too. It will feel so good to release all those pent up feelings.

5. I won't know anyone

Mama, if you're new to the mom game, you won't get to know anyone sitting at home either. Create your tribe. Find your people.
Ya ok, you won't like everyone - but you can appreciate the process.
Fast forward to the first day if kindergarten... Are you going to keep your kids home just because they "don't know anyone". No, you're going to say "You know what, hun? It might be scary and it's ok to feel a bit upset, but you can do this. I believe in you"

6. It's raining, cold, OR too hot (or whatever other excuse you have made for the weather)

People have babies in Alaska. People have babies in India. People have babies in New Zealand (the rainiest place on the planet). You’re MUCH more likely to feel isolated and depressed if you stay home. Grab an umbrella, bundle up (or bundle down) and GET OUTSIDE. 

7. Meh, support groups aren't really for me

You need adult conversation. You need to get out of the house. You need to turn off the Netflix and join the world again. Out of the eight moms in the room, you might really connect with one of them. This friendship will be the start of your mom-support network. You will text each other at 3am, meet each others spouses, go on double dates and maybe even go camping when the kids are school age. 
If you are a little shy or hesitant to meet new people, when you’re feeling vulnerable–GET TO A MOM GROUP.

join a mom support group.jpg

In my private practice in Regina, SK, where am passionate about maternal mental health, I offer two mom support groups. Mindful Mothering is a drop-in support group. Maternal Healing is an 8 week therapeutic group. Check them out.