How to silence your inner critic

We all have one. We all have an inner critic. You know, the one who tells we can't. The one who tells us "... that person from the grocery store for ________".

The one who tells us we aren't perfect enough. We aren't patient enough. We just plain aren't enough.

How do we silence it? How do we tell ourselves we are "good enough"? 

Three ways to silence your inner critic:

  1. "Check-in" with your inner critic every once and a while.
    Reflect on how this inner voice effects your own self-talk, your self worth & your interpersonal communications.

  2. Acknowledge that this inner voice is separate from your real world view.
    This voice and it's phrases are NOT REAL. This dialogue exists solely in your thoughts, and is not a reflection of who you are, how good of a mother you are or even what others actually think of you. This voice is something you have internalized based on early life-memories, dialogue & behaviours that you witnessed as a tiny person.

  3. Differentiate from your inner critic.
    Write your self-talk down, in "I" statements.
    "I am a bad mom. I don't have any patience"
    "I am a good mom. I am patient."
    This will help you change the internal dialogue, and hopefully start to change the thought process and turn negative self-talk into positive self talk.

Until next time,


Negative self-talk is connected to perfectionism, anxiety and can lead to depression.  I believe you have the bravery to change your internal dialogue.  In my private practice in Regina, SK where am passionate about women struggling with their transition to and through motherhood, I offer a free 30 minute in-person meeting to find out if I'm the right support person for you.