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I don't know about you - but I've been day dreaming about summer, a lot!

Sure, I enjoy winter. I like the sparkle on the ground and the "turning in" (aka. hibernating and not having expectations to be outside or leave my house). Not to mention the fact that I don’t have to do yard work. But, having healthy coping in the winter can seem like a large task… And you probably don’t notice (or maybe you do) that you have a pattern for coping with stress. Unfortunately, for some, these patterns do more harm than good.

In order to cope with life as you know it… You need to practice being authentic, intentional and compassionate towards yourself. TRUSTING IN YOURSELF is a good place to start. Noticing your thoughts, befriending them, taking time to sit with your emotions, breath and body. AND being present for yourself and others –that’s the work. This is where the magic happens.

10 ways to cope with life as we know it:

  1. Acknowledge the crap, but respond with love & intention
    Notice when you feel tension in your body. Breathe in colour and exhale colour. Do this until the tension releases from your body. Check in with your thoughts. Are you being kind in this moment? If not, come at the situation from a different angle.
    And then maybe call a friend to VENT about all the crap.

  2. Check in with your thoughts
    Get out your journal and spontaneously write for THREE pages. Don’t judge any of the thoughts (no matter how intense or mundane), just write.

  3. Do something that brings you joy
    Self-care is somewhat of a buzz word right now, but beyond what you think self-care is or should be… Do something this week that is just for you. Take a bath. Eat Ice cream. Read. Meditate. Do art. Get out of the house. ANYTHING.

  4. Connect with a friend
    Who needs a therapist when you have friends, right? Connect with one of your favourite people. But also - connect with your therapist if your feeling overly blue and low (there is NO shame in this).

  5. Put your phone away for a whole day (or maybe just an hour)
    Did you just have a physical reaction to this? I know, you might miss something important right? It’s just one day or start with one hour. You can and will survive without it.

  6. Take a moment to thank your body for all it does for you
    Close your eyes. Breathe deeply three times. Cultivate a sense of gratitude in your body and think positively about everything your body is doing for you at this moment.

  7. Talk to yourself like you would a friend
    You deserve the same level of compassion, as you would offer a friend. Would you talk to a friend the way your talking to yourself right now? Give yourself some grace, stop “shoulding” yourself and create some positive self-talk.

  8. Listen yo your favourite songs
    Pump up your favourite song (and maybe break out some dance moves). All you need is 20 intentional music listening minutes to decrease the feelings of depression & anxiety (read more about this here)

  9. Sign up for a class
    New experiences and learning gives you a chance make your world bigger. Plus you’re also giving yourself an opportunity express yourself in a new way.
    (see a list of Kayla’s classes here)

  10. Get to bed early tonight
    Sleep is essential to our coping and how we view ourselves & the world. Get a good nights rest (7-9 hours) and see how different you feel in the morning.

Until next time,


IMAGINE expressing your true feelings about being a mom. Being creative for yourself (not for your kids, though that’s good too) in order to enhance your well-being and emotional health. For your own expression, for your own benefit, for your own release.

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