What is expressive art therapy?

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Sure you can google it... but here it is in plain English.

Hear a song on the radio and transport to another place and time? How about feeling the urge for a spontaneous dance party? Lose time in painting, scrap booking, journalling? Had the urge to doodle while on the phone? Sing in the shower? Hum while you fold your laundry?

These are all a forms of expression, creative expression.

We used to express ourselves all the time, as kids. Somewhere along the way, we lost our drive to really be silly, expressive and creative. Some people still have it - that's for certain. For others - it's an untapped resource.

Expressive art therapy is a kind of healing that happens through poetry (reciting and creating), intentional music listening, art journal's and/or creative writing, collage or sketching after a guided meditation.

The healing happens when you allow someone to see you, really see you. The dark places and the light.  Expressive art is listening, not only, to someone’s actual words but witnessing how they express themselves. When was the last time you expressed yourself in a real way, baring witness from someone who held you up? 


  • Sit with your feelings, beginning to know them, learning from them

  • Give permission to your body to speak to you

  • An increased sense of self love and self acceptance

  • Move past distractions and scattered thoughts

  • Permission to go into the deepest parts of yourself

  • Move towards living a more intentional and authentic life

  • Realize the "part you play" in your life & interpersonal communications

  • Acceptance of what you cannot control (aka. other people)

  • Accessibility to unconscious thoughts - and your ability to alter them (aka. cognitive distortions, "the stories we tell ourselves")

  • Increased blood flow while creating

  • Improvements in immune system, blood pressure, heart rate and respiration

  • Something new will come into being by trusting in yourself & the creative process (enhancing your validation in being seen & heard)

Questions? Connect with me.

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