The first women's empowerment event

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Do you find yourself flitting from one thing to another, not really able to focus on one thing? We can drive ourselves crazy with to-do lists, thoughts, desires, and attachments. Perhaps meditation will give you super powers, perhaps it will help you rein in your ego and emotions…. perhaps not. It looks different for each person.

The intention for this event was to introduce participants to the idea of fusing ART and guided mediation. This process increased self-awareness and gave time for reflection. The meditation and art paved the way for thinking about how they show up in their life, how others show up for them and most importantly how they can show up for themselves. 

Together we embarked on a journey of reflection, art and introspection. 

So… you were unable to attend… Lucky for you I’m going to give you the directions so you can do this on your own.

  1. Sit in silence - Connect to your breath and body

  2. Guided meditation on being present in your life (listen here)

  3. Create an art piece that represents the meditation

  4. Reflect on how the meditation & art made you feel

  5. Download the worksheet to go along with this meditation


In my private practice in Regina, SK, I am passionate about helping women find their joy. I offer a free 30 minute in-person consultation to find out if I'm the right support person for you.