MATERNAL HEALING GROUp - Postpartum Support

Create real connections, with real moms.

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"Making the decision to have a child -- It is momentous. it is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." - Elizabeth Stone

Raising tiny humans is hard, sleep is hard, parenting is hard, marriages are hard. Actually, sometimes it’s all hard. It can take a lot of work to keep going. Sometimes we just need an outlet, a communicative outlet, a creative outlet. Sometimes we need someone to validate our feelings and someone to vent to. 

This 8-week group is open to ALL TYPES OF MOMS. At the heart of this group is connection, expression, coping, and finding yourself through mindfulness and creativity. The goal is to provide everyone the tools they need for their individual lives and journeys, while forming friendships in a welcoming environment. This group will provide you with tools YOU NEED for your journey through motherhood. 

I can already hear you thinking "but, I'm not the support group type"... here are some benefits to joining this group:

  • Learning mindfulness practices that reduce stress + anxiety
  • Develop and practice new coping strategies
  • Reduce your feelings of isolation + overwhelm
  • Time for journaling & reflection
  • Support in a non-judgemental + intimate setting (6 moms MAX)
  • Connecting….lots of connecting, connecting with yourself & other mothers

Step into the BRAVE and join - with your babe (>12m), or on your own. 




  1. Pay $79 DEPOSIT now & $100 BALANCE later

  2. Pay $179 FULL REGISTRATION now


Investment $179

Support Group Topics Include:

Week ONE: Sense of Self
Week TWO: Intense Emotions & Coping
Week THREE: Exaustion
Week FOUR: Communication
Week FIVE: Expectations & Boundaries
Week SIX: Mindfulness
Week SEVEN: Self Care
Week EIGHT: Staying Grounded & Wrap Up

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    CAN'T COMMIT TO THE 8 WEEKS?  Try the drop-in group Mindful Mothering.


    Are you drawn to this type of support but these dates/times don't work for you? I offer this 8 week course in a private setting. Contact me to make arrangements.

    Kayla is a registered Social Worker with the Saskatchewan Social Work Association (SASW). Your registration will be covered by certain benefits plans & are tax free.

    DISCLAIMER: This is not a crisis center. The information and resources provided are not a substitute for medical evaluation, treatment or consultation. If you have a medical concern, please contact your care provider. There is no endorsement or recommendation for the use of any specific medication, treatment modality, or parenting style.