Mindful Mothering

GroupS for Moms

Clear your head, connect with your body, notice your breath and celebrate motherhood.

YOU ARE AMAZING… Hear me say it again… YOU ARE AMAZING AND YOU ARE WORTHY! Join our wonderful group of mothers today!

The journey through motherhood can feel lonely, scary and isolating. Raising tiny humans is hard, sleep is hard, parenting is hard, marriages are hard. Actually, sometimes it’s all hard. It can take a lot of work to keep going. Sometimes you just need an outlet, a communicative outlet, a creative outlet, and a moment to be mindful. Sometimes you need someone to validate your feelings and someone to vent to. We’re all on the motherhood rollercoaster together, so we might as well enjoy the ride as much as we can. You don't have to carry the weight of motherhood all on your own!

Each support group week will be focused around a theme and will include a guided meditation/visualization, creativity & reflection. YOUR goal is not to create beautiful art (though that often does happen) - this group is simply about the exploration and expression of your inner self.

Hear other stories of motherhood. Talk as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. Embrace a sense of community. Reach out and join the conversation. YOU are not alone! SAY YES TO joining this circle of moms this week!

Show your bravery and be vulnerable, I will hold space for you. 
I will hear you. I will see you. We all will. Please join us.

What you can expect to feel during this expressive arts mom group:

  • An overwhelming sense of acceptance and support from women in your community

  • Safe, open, and honest conversation

  • Positive encouragement, socialization and time to vent

  • Encouragement in the highs and lows of parenting with potential life-long friends

  • Interruption of your automatic thoughts (the stories we tell ourselves) and reduced stress level

  • Validation of your story and feelings - acknowledgement, being seen and heard

  • Emotional release - sitting with your feelings, beginning to know them, learning from them

  • Learning and practicing new coping strategies through creativity and mindfulness

  • Ownership of the mother you already are!



Is this group covered by benefits/insurance?
Kayla is a Registered Social Worker, check-in with your provider. If they cover registered social workers, you’re in luck and will be fully reimbursed for your sessions.

What if I am not “good” at art?
There is no skill required. It’s about showing up, being present with other moms and getting some feelings out of your head and onto the paper. Most of the art ends up looking abstract and will only have meaning to you (and no one else will be judging you - we are all a bit afraid to be doing art in a group of people).

What if my baby cries?
Mama, we are all mamas and babies cry. It’s totally normal. It’s one of the central themes of motherhood.
Your baby’s cries are more acute to you than to anyone else. I would rather YOU come with a crying baby and get some support then stay home (miserable) with your crying baby.
Honestly, it’s likely that your baby won’t cry because of the change in scenery and new sounds/voices.

VIRTUAL GROUPS: Do I need to prepare anything on the day of?
Ideally, you find a quiet space (headphones might help), gather some art supplies, turn on the TV for the kids, put the dog outside and grab yourself a hot drink.

If I buy a pack, do they expire?
No, they do not expire. You can use them anytime.

If I buy a pack, do I have to use them consecutively?
No, you do not have to come to 5 or 10 in a row. AND you can mmix & match between in-person and virtual groups.