POSTPARTUM Group for Moms


flourished; flourishing; flourishes

to grow luxuriantly : THRIVE

to achieve success : PROSPER

to make bold and sweeping gestures

Congratulations on your baby and welcome to the wonderfully bittersweet world of motherhood.

I know that getting yourself and the baby washed, dressed, fed, and out the door is tiring and takes a particular savvy. And while I am huge fan of the fourth trimester stay-in phase and resting when the baby sleeps and all that, at some point, you’d like to take off your spit-up stained t-shirt, have a shower, and have an adult conversation.

You’ve been daydreaming about getting out and spending some time with other like-minded women. Wow, you’ve hit the jackpot and landed in the right place. This group has everything you’ve been looking for. I know you’re tired. I know you’re heavily caffeinated (or at least you’re trying to be). I assure you everything is temporary. It won’t feel like this forever and it’s ok if it’s not ok right now. Believe me (I’ve been there and so has every other mom who has joined this group) and join this amazing group of moms.

As a mom of two little boys I know that there is rarely (who am I kidding; never) a time to be creative or mindful at home. Imagine joining me in my studio, where you can focus on healing, coping, and finding your new mom-self through meditation and creativity. This is a therapeutic support group, that will lift you up, educate, support, and validate YOU.

IMAGINE having the many tools needed for your journey through motherhood, plus making some new friends along the way.

Step into the BRAVE and join - with your babe (>12m), or on your own. 
* some groups include childcare for older children - see group details to confirm.

As a new mom, it feels like your old world and your new world are colliding and finding that middle ground can be really confusing and sad. This discussion helped me realize that being a new mom is a discovery of the best and worst parts of you, and what that means moving forward. It should be an empowering journey, not a sad one, even thought that is hard some days. It’s okay to not be okay and to find this journey hard, but it’s worth it.

You want to join this group BUT there are so many unknowns. What about the group dynamics... the possible judgements... the commitment (ah! 8 straight weeks)... the vulnerability… afraid of feeling lonely in a room full of women.

How luck are you to have found this group? This will be the highlight of your week. This space is a no-judgement zone, all parenting styles are encouraged and supported. You will feel sociable and encouraged!

Finding your MOM-voice means feeling supported, confident, inspired, empowered, and nourished. Sharing your story is a vital step to staying sane in motherhood. You have a beautifully messy unique story that deserves to be shared & supported through this group. YOU already know you want to come - otherwise why would you be reading this?

IMAGINE saying YES I want this, I need this, I deserve this and I AM open to support.

In this 8 week group, we’ll use discussion, mindfulness, and creativity to explore your sense of self, relationships, boundaries, expectations, and more!

What you can expect to feel during this expressive arts mom group:

  • An overwhelming sense of acceptance and support from women in your community

  • Safe, open, and honest conversation

  • Positive encouragement, socialization and time to vent

  • Encouragement in the highs and lows of parenting with potential life-long friends

  • Interruption of your automatic thoughts (the stories we tell ourselves) and reduced stress level

  • Validation of your story and feelings - acknowledgement, being seen and heard

  • Emotional release - sitting with your feelings, beginning to know them, learning from them

  • Learning and practicing new coping strategies through creativity and mindfulness

  • Ownership of the mother you already are!

YOUR goal is not to create beautiful art (though that often does happen) - this group is simply about the exploration and expression of your inner self. Talk as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. Embrace a sense of community. Reach out and join the conversation.

How does it get better than this?

What would choosing this feel like? I wonder…

YOU are not alone! SAY YES TO joining this group and create real connections, with real moms.

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Is this group covered by benefits/insurance?
Kayla is a Registered Social Worker, check-in with your provider. If they cover registered social workers, you’re in luck and will be fully reimbursed for your sessions.

Does what I say in the group stay in the group?
Everyone will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement - so ensure everyones autonomy. This group is a judgement free zone, sleep training or not, nursing or not, cloth diapers or not. This is a space for community and sharing.  

What if I am not “good” at art?
There is no skill required. It’s about showing up, being present with other moms and getting some feelings out of your head and onto the paper. Most of the art ends up looking abstract and will only have meaning to you (and no one else will be judging you - we are all a bit afraid to be doing art in a group of people).

What if my baby cries?
Mama, we are all mamas and babies cry. It’s totally normal. It’s one of the central themes of motherhood.
Your baby’s cries are more acute to you than to anyone else. Its hard to know how the babes will react once in the groups. Some are perfectly content to hang out and others want moms undivided attention. During the group, all I ask is that you try and be present while still tending to their needs. Plus it’s totally fine to just listen and not participate in the activities while babes are needing attention. I would rather YOU come with a crying baby and get some support then stay home (miserable) with your crying baby.
Honestly, it’s likely that your baby won’t cry because of the change in scenery and new sounds/voices.