Postpartum is full of hormones, little sleep, survival mode, and figuring out a million different things…It’s a roller coaster ride.

- January Harshe


Would you answer honestly if I asked you “HOW IT’S GOING”?

You spent months preparing for this moment…
You read the books. YOU planned and decorated the nursery. YOU typed out your birth plan.
YOU birthed a baby.

Just like that you are a MOM and now you’re supposed to have all the answers.

What if I told you you didn’t have to just “survive”?

I am normalizing therapy (it’s not just for crisis). I’m here to help you thrive!

You’ve had so many nights of broken sleep, you’ve lost track of who you are. You can’t help but get sucked into the mommy-blog vortex in the middle of the night. Researching all kinds of topics and outcomes. Will you ever sleep again? Day and night, night and day, you’re rocking bouncing, singing, humming, and patting just so your baby will sleep, but the baby isn’t sleeping and neither are you. You’re so very tired. You’re worried, overwhelmed and a little bit lonely. You’re freaking out a bit about how hard this whole motherhood thing is. So, you stay home, avoid going out and hold your baby.

You’ve begun to wonder if you're even cut out to be a mother. Everyday you count down the minutes till your partner comes home. Will this ever end? Will these feelings last forever? It’s all too much. It feels too intense. Is it supposed to be this intense?

Is this what stress, overwhelm, anger and loneliness feels like? Is this what everyone warned you about? Maybe it’s anxiety or maybe depression, maybe its both, you’re not sure. You’ve been having some intense (and intrusive) thoughts. You can’t help but wonder if this is IT... I’m supposed to be happier, right? I wanted all of this. But something just doesn’t feel right. You've probably heard about postpartum depression before but you're unsure if this is what YOU are feeling and experiencing.

Close your eyes and IMAGINE how good it would feel to express this heaviness, have someone to debrief with, have someone validate your emotions and reach out for some support.



What Kayla does is simply amazing. A new approach to counseling. I loved it and it greatly helped me. It wasn’t something I ever thought would help me, being mindful and creative as an outlet. Plus I think it’s super cool that there’s nothing like Kayla in Regina, especially for new moms (well moms in general). Like a hidden gem!


Motherhood is hard (there I said it). Please, trust me when I say you are not alone and it doesn’t have to feel this way.

Are you needing some support, connection and reassurance? Your expressive art sessions with me will be filled with worthiness, confidence and enough-ness. Through this experience your mothering and relationships will thrive (not just survive) plus you will have gained tangible coping skills. 

OH and I will make you an excellent cup of hot coffee (that you’ll actually get to finish)!

I invite you to speak your truth (even if it’s ugly, especially if it’s ugly). Therapy is an incredibly freeing, empowering and transformational experience.

IMAGINE having the courage to ask for support in postpartum, even if you have NOT received an official diagnosis (and especially if you have). You will overcome your resentment, anxiety, fears, racing thoughts and your need to be and do everything for everyone. 

I get asked all the the time, “but, how will I know when I need support?” ⠀

Seeking help if you need it (and even when you don't "need") is as simple as asking yourself the following: Do you already have an urge to seek professional support services? My guess is YES because you’ve read everything thus far and that’s a pretty good sign you’re looking (and likely needing) support. Therapy is essential for your wellbeing if you’ve received a score of 8 or higher in your latest EPDS screen.

BE BRAVE, BE HONEST. Seek the help you deserve!

Book your free 30 minute consult (phone, video or in person) today.

We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.
— Brene Brown

Connection is key to flourishing in motherhood.

Attend one of these mom and baby support groups and know that you are not alone!


What if I am not “good” at art?
I’d love for you to keep an open mind about what you can gain from integrating creativity & mindfulness into your coping & motherhood journeys. There is no skill required. It’s about showing up, being present and processing feelings with shape and colour. Most of the art ends up looking abstract and will only have meaning to you (and no one else will be judging you - we are all a bit afraid to be doing art in a group of people).

What if my baby cries?
Mama, babies cry. It’s totally normal. It’s one of the central themes of motherhood.
Your baby’s cries are more acute to you than to anyone else. I would rather YOU come with a crying baby and get some support then stay home (miserable) with your crying baby.

VIRTUAL SUPPORT CALLS: Do I need to prepare anything on the day of?
Ideally, you find a quiet space (headphones might help), gather some art supplies, and grab yourself a hot drink.