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The grounded & planted roots stretch through her body.
Spreading their wings into her heart and mind.
She gains strength from introspection, plants, books and  creation. 
She knows who she is, she knows how to stay grounded, it’s all inside her.
- Kayla Huszar


Am I the first person to tell you that perfection isn’t actually a good thing?

Well, hun, it’s true.

There is a huge difference between perfectionism and healthy striving. This is an eight week self development eCourse on how to embrace life’s imperfections while learning how to be gentle on yourself.

Are you a self-identified perfectionist? Call yourself "a little OCD"? 

Perfectionism is putting up barriers where barriers don’t exist, it is stealing the joy from your life, and is keeping you ruminating (aka. thinking about the same things over and over again).

IMAGINE setting yourself free from this endless clatter.

IMAGINE that you already have everything you need to feel GOOD ENOUGH!

IMAGINE being gentle with yourself, exploring new ways you can have realistic standards while nurturing your self compassion.

Ready for a change? This program is for you.

Rise Above Perfectionism is a course to help you attain affirmative practices and a new-found sense of inner worth. Your productivity and busyness do not equal your self-worth. You do not have to be perfect to love yourself or to be loved by others. This experience includes in-person guidance, mindfulness, creativity, reflection and journaling that will organically release old-thought patterns and create space for new joyful ones.

The universe took its time on you
Crafted you to offer the world
Something different from everyone else
When you doubt
How you were created
You doubt an energy greater than us both
— Rupi Kaur, The Sun and Her Flowers

What to Expect:

  • Eight 90 min individualized guided inspirational sessions

  • Mindful exercises to help honour your imperfections

  • Creativity: writing, painting, music, movement (and more) to allow time and space for feelings & thoughts to flow

  • Reflective and delightful ways to get in touch with your inner self

  • Endless inspiration and opportunities for joy!

  • A beautiful ART journal will be provided along with a plethora of art & creative supplies

When you finally set aside time to sit with your thoughts, you will be surprised at how easy it is to be in the moment and grateful for what you already have. Rising above your perfection and realizing that it doesn’t define you, will set you free. You will emerge yourself in being & feeling “good enough”.

IMAGINE a life, your life, filled with creativity, expression and joy.

Don't wait another minute to hear your authentic voice and discover what is ready to bloom underneath your perfectionism!

What you will gain from this program:


#1: Getting to know you
Let us get to know the the REAL you. Not the one hiding behind a mask. Not the one who puts on a show. THE ONE who honours their values and who is true to their wants, needs and desires. Who is your authentic self? How can you start to be true to the voice inside?

#2: The art of noticing your thoughts
Do you feel like you are noticing and fully embracing your thoughts & emotions? Let us spend some time with them (not judging them as they pass), identify them and find a way to honour them.

#3: Befriending your inner critic
How do we befriend that voice inside, the one who says we “are not enough”? Believe you have the bravery to change your internal dialogue.

#4: The Perfect Wednesday
IMAGINE feeling better, increasing happiness and decreasing feelings of perfection. Open yourself up to using music as a therapeutic calming tool to ease your feelings of overwhelm.

#5: Learning to carry
Let it go. It's heavy. It doesn't serve you anyone. It's hindering your happiness. It's putting barriers where barriers don't exist. Let it go. Learn to carry it.

#6: Loving yourself first
What would you do for yourself "if you had the time"... I encourage you to let these thoughts breathe, let them air out. Give them space to grow and nourish you. Start asking yourself what you need.

#7: Healthy Expectations
What might realistic and healthy expectations look like for you? Open yourself to a happier and more positive outlook on life. 

#8: Harmony & Intention Setting
Finding the harmony in your life and celebrating the end of this self-discovery journey.


Do you offer payment plans? Yes, you have three options:

  • Pay in full at time of registration

  • DEPOSIT PAID at time of registration PLUS TWO equal instalments made during SESSIONS 2 & 6 (+ $50 payment plan fee)

  • DEPOSIT PAID at time of registration PLUS pay per session (+ $50 payment plan fee)

Payment is expected for any missed session, unless the appointment is cancelled at least 36 hours in advance. If you arrive late for an appointment, you will be charged the full session fee.
Clients will be charged a $25.00 penalty fee for NSF checks. If payment becomes a concern, please discuss it with Kayla.

Are these sessions covered by my benefits plan? If your benefits include Registered Social Workers, then yes.

Do the sessions need to be scheduled weekly? This program is rooted in momentum and commitment, sessions are therefore booked weekly or bi-weekly for a total of 8 sessions.