Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling

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  • Creating trust in yourself and in the process. Letting your body speak to you.

  • Acceptance of what you cannot control (aka. other people)

  • Increased self love and self acceptance.

  • Moving towards living a more intentional and authentic life

  • The ability to move past distractions and scattered thoughts

  • Accessibility to unconscious thoughts - and your ability to alter them (aka. cognitive distortions, "the stories we tell ourselves")

  • Realizing the "part you play" in your life & interpersonal communications

  • Sitting with your feelings, beginning to know them, learning from them

  • Permission to go into the deepest parts of yourself

  • Something new will come into being - enhancing your desire for self expression (and to be seen & heard)

  • Increased blood flow while creating

  • Improvements in immune system, blood pressure, heart rate and respiration

DISCLAIMER: This is not a crisis center. The information and resources provided are not a substitute for medical evaluation, treatment or consultation. If you have a medical concern, please contact your care provider. There is no endorsement or recommendation for the use of any specific medication, treatment modality, or parenting style.