Flourish in Motherhood- Support Group for New Moms (8 weeks)

Flourish in Motherhood- Support Group for New Moms (8 weeks)

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flourished; flourishing; flourishes

to grow luxuriantly : THRIVE

to achieve success : PROSPER

to make bold and sweeping gestures

Creating real connections, with real moms.

Raising tiny humans is hard, sleep is hard, parenting is hard, marriages are hard. Actually, sometimes it’s all hard. It can take a lot of work to keep going. Sometimes we just need an outlet, a communicative outlet, a creative outlet. Sometimes we need someone to validate our feelings and someone to vent to. 

This 8-week group is open to ALL TYPES OF MOMS. At the heart of this group is connection, expression, coping, and finding yourself through mindfulness and creativity. The goal is to provide everyone the tools they need for their individual lives and journeys, while forming friendships in a welcoming environment. This group will provide you with tools YOU NEED for your journey through motherhood. 

Step into the BRAVE and join - with your babe (>12m), or on your own. 
* some groups include childcare for older children - see group details to confirm.

I cannot say enough about what I got out of this group. I didn’t think I needed any “healing” - turns out it was a great way to learn A LOT about myself, as a momma! Not to mention, my son and I made some amazing friends.

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Week ONE: Sense of self
Week TWO: Intense emotions & coping
Week THREE: Exaustion
Week FOUR: Learning to parent yourself
Week FIVE: Communication
Week SIX: Me time
Week SEVEN: Mindfulness in motherhood
Week EIGHT: Staying grounded & wrap up

Trust me...I've been there, right in the thick of mothering. When the dishes aren’t done, sleep is elusive and communication is at an all time low.

I too have made parenting mistakes .⠀
I too have put too much pressure on myself. ⠀
I too have expected too much of myself (and of others).⠀
I too have spent too much time looking at my phone and not enough time looking around at the people I love.

I've learned the secret to being gentle with my mother-self - and it is to stop, be present, being grateful, while listening to my authentic self. The one who is present when my barriers are down. The one who replaces doubt with self confidence. The one who believes that I am “good enough.”⠀

This authentic voice that knows I am worthy. Every single day.

Your authentic self is there waiting for you. She is waiting for you to connect with her again. You will know you are worthy, loved, and deserve everything you hope for. And you will know that you will never be the perfect mother and that is the most amazing thing ever!

I can hear you saying "but, I'm not the support group type"...

IMAGINE looking after yourself and being open to support.

  • Learn mindfulness practices that reduce stress, anxiety and/or depression

  • Develop and practice new + creative coping strategies

  • Reduce your feelings of isolation + overwhelm

  • Receive support in a non-judgemental + intimate setting (6 moms MAX)

  • Connection… lots of connecting, connecting with yourself & other mothers