Post-Natal Support Packages

Post-Natal Support Packages

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Becoming a mother can be exciting and joyful; it can also be bittersweet, challenging, and exhausting. YOU will be supported through this transition by having your questions answered, easing your fears, and encouraging you to trust yourself.

IMAGINE becoming the mother you've always wanted to be.

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  • Finding a place of relaxation, contentment & joy in your new role

  • Meeting you in a variety of settings to best meet your needs, we can…
    … schedule a digital video call
    … take a walk
    … meet in my warm & cozy studio space
    … meet at your place **

  • Feeling your breath & body (we can spend way too much time in our heads or on our phones)

  • Gaining knowledge & practice of new coping tools

  • Release of a full range of emotions

  • Education and normalizing newborn sleep, behaviour, and cues

  • Talking about & processing your birthing experience(s)

  • Non-judgemental dialogue

  • Support packages are customizable to suit each family's needs

    ** When your sessions are at home: don’t feel the need to clean up or shower, I will meet you exactly where you are at, there is no judgement here. Try not to stress about the care of your babies during the sessions. Feeding, napping & tending to your babies is all part of the process.Therapeutic expressive art & emotional support during the fourth trimester and beyond

Kayla made therapy accessible and possible even in a room filled with adorable, often loud and disruptive babies. This was the first time since my baby was born that I had the space to focus on myself, my feelings and what was going on in my body. It was the first time that I had a chance to be creative and do something just for myself. I highly recommend this service. The things we talked about were all things that I needed to process. Being a new mom can be incredibly isolating. Kayla and her group of other moms helped me to know that I wasn’t alone.

IMAGINE not having to suffer in silence. IMAGINE what it would feel like to ask for support.
Asking for what you need is a sign of strength, bravery and vulnerability.
I want to help you find that piece of yourself that got lost in all the sleeplessness, hormones and dirty laundry. 

It doesn’t have to be this hard…

If you or someone you know isn't enjoying motherhood or someone who is struggling with this new phase of life, please reach out for support so you/they can cope with mothering while leading grounded, empowered, and joyful lives.

The creative process puts us in touch with our soul, our spirit, our inner wisdom. Self-expression through the creative arts – movement, art, music, and writing – is a sacred and often mystical experience, transforming pain, anger, fear, and grief into forms that nourish the soul.