Rise Above Perfectionism eCourse

Rise Above Perfectionism eCourse

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Learn how to transform your perfectionism into gentleness.  

Identify and explore your inner expectations as you transform your thoughts into expressions of inner beauty.

This program will guide you through a deliberate process, showing you how to be kinder and gentler with your inner self!

This program will teach you how to…  
… grow into the person you are striving to be, one with gentleness, self love & compassion
… transform perfectionism based automatic thoughts into realistic standards and healthy self-talk
… honour your inherent self-worth (YES, YES, you are enough just as you are)
… express your inner most feelings and thoughts through colour & shape (without artistic expectations)

All this course requires of you is to be present, to rise above and to honour your authentic self, while being open to living your bona fide life.

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