Women's Empowerment Night - Private Booking

Women's Empowerment Night - Private Booking

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Perfect for your next team building event, book/wine clubs, birthday party, bachelorette party, baby shower, ETC!

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Using creativity to bring women together and connect in a REAL way.

ENJOY an evening of drinks (your choice), gabbing and an exploration of your inner self. YOU get to choose the topic and the evening will include a guided meditation/visualization, creativity, reflection and conversation.

THIS is not your traditional "ladies night” - it’s so much more. It's fun, it's light, but it's also real, empowering, and motivating. It’s about expressing yourself (your TRUE self). It’s about creating trust within yourself. It’s about investing in you and the women you love.

IMAGINE sitting in a room with your closest friends and feeling supported, empowered and grounded.

IMAGINE giving yourself permission to go into the deepest parts of yourself, in order to re-connect with YOU.

Investment the 2 hours will be spent:

  • Connecting, lots of connecting, connecting with yourself & other women

  • Guided mindful exercises - to calm your busy brain

  • Reflection & time for journaling

  • Intentional conversation with other women

  • Intimate setting. These events can be planned in your home, workplace or at Kayla’s studio.



I wanted to do something a little bit different for my birthday. I think one thing we’re lacking is a space and place to bring women together and get real and support each other, so I connected with Kayla and asked her if she’d like to do something like this for me. She was in!! We both know there is a power in bringing women together.
Kayla came to my home, I gathered a group of my nearest friends, and we met and we talked and we shared and we grew that night. I wanted an evening for these women to feel empowered in their own selves, and empowered as a community of women. None of these women knew each other, and left making new friends after just an hour or two.
Kayla creates and holds a powerful space for women to get to know themselves, to engage in their strengths and recognize a way forward in areas they are working on. I see a priceless value in Kayla’s ability to build up those she is working with, in a gentle and real way.
The energy and joy I felt after my first class with Kayla was amazing! The night was everything I wanted: relaxing, soulful, heart-opening, and creative. It allowed me to connect with myself while Kayla guided us through a lovely meditation and art class. I’m not creative at all but it was easy with the endless art supplies and having the opportunity  to create without the fuss or the mess! Be kind to yourself and sign up for a class, it might be the best night you’ve had with yourself in a while!
Each woman seemed to get something very personal out of this event, but there was also a theme amongst us. It seemed that each woman related in some way to what the others said. My gosh, I think the night could have lasted hours with even deeper connection.


Who is this event for?
YOU! Anyone. Everyone. Are you feeling bogged down with duties and responsibilities of life? Are you looking for a place to play, have some fun and feel grounded again. You will develop greater trust in your intuition, your inner guidance and your authenticity. 

Do I have to be "good" at art?
First things first, "good" is a matter of opinion and here "opinions" are not part of the process. I personally guarantee that you and your creativity will feel embraced and validated. Your personal expression will be encouraged to bloom, blossom and grow like some wild beautiful prairie crisium!

Do I have to have experience with meditation?
No, this is not the Eat, Pray Love version where you sit in robes and meditate in silence for hours. This is the kind of meditation that flows, is easy and most importantly short.