What to Expect:

  • Eight 90 min individualized guided inspirational sessions

  • Mindful exercises to help you “be in the moment”

  • Creativity: writing, painting, music, movement (and more) to allow time and space for feelings & thoughts to flow

  • Reflective and delightful ways to get in touch with your inner self

  • Endless inspiration and opportunities for joy!

When you finally set aside time to sit with your thoughts, you will be surprised at how easy it is to be in the moment and grateful for what you already have. Show up in your life and realize that “busyness” does not define you.
This course will give you permission to “just be” and you will welcome more presence and intention in your life.

IMAGINE a life, your life, filled with creativity, expression and joy.

Don't wait another minute to hear your authentic voice and discover what is ready to bloom underneath your “busyness”!

What you will gain from this program:


1: Getting to know YOU
Let us get to know the REAL you. Not the one hiding behind a mask. Not the one who puts on a show. THE ONE who honours their values and who is true to their wants, needs and desires.

#2: Consider your commitments
What would it feel like to say NO… or maybe it’s a YES?

#3: Glorification of being “busy”
Invitation to explore the need for productivity and be ok with “not being so busy”

#4: Moving beyond limitations
Let us go exploring with your expectations. The ones you place on yourself, the ones we place on others and how to be gentle with them.

#5: Invitation for change
Let your heart speak the language of change.

#6: Stop should-ing yourself
Why do you not put yourself first? Why not ask for what you need? Why not have healthy striving and expectations of yourself & others? What would it feel like to choose to be fully present, instead of thinking all the “shoulda woulda coulda”?

#7: Being Enough
What would it feel like to be YOU, while knowing that you are enough.

#8: Create a wonderful now
What does your NOW look like? How can you make it wonderful? You have an abundance of inner wisdom, let’s make time and hold space for it.