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I am now the mother to a threenager and while I have some distance from “the early days.” I still remember it like it was yesterday. I sat in various professionals offices and answered the questions like a “good, strong mother”. I listened to the information given to me. I didn’t ask any questions. I didn’t ask what it all meant. I didn’t ask anything.

What all that comes down to is that I wasn’t allowing myself to be vulnerable. I wasn’t allowing myself to feel all the feelings. I was content to be “ok”, neither happy neither sad. I was numb and I didn’t know it. 

What I know now is that I wasn’t allowing myself to be seen or feel.

The transition to motherhood is a hard journey and allowing yourself to be seen starts with:

  • feel all the feelings

  • accept the help given

  • lower the expectations of yourself

  • rest when the baby sleeps (how you rest is up to you)

  • outsource what you can

  • talk to your favourite people

  • journal and talk some more

Allow yourself to be seen by the safe people, the reliable people, the people who show up for you. That’s how you thrive in motherhood. 

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