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Hi! I’m Kayla.

Let's not be shy, let me go first and tell you a bit about me. I was born and raised in the prairies, yet I feel the call of the mountains. My favourite colour is teal, you can always find gemstones in my back pockets and I have a secret stash of Oreos in my office. I am also a wife, mom (both human and fur), and self-taught hobbyist photographer. My most joyous days are spent in the forrest contemplating my place in the world.  AND I believe in creativity & mindfulness as a way to communicate and heal.

I am a helper who happens to be a maker (or maybe it's the other way around?). Whichever came first we will never know... I have a Bachelors Degree in Social Work and certification in Expressive Art Therapy. I like to think of myself as a holder of space & a seeker of truth - the kind that gets mixed into the collage, the kind that emerges from a perfectly timed a-ha! moment, and the kind that flows from heart & mind every day.

I feel like I’m constantly breaking down the stigma of mental health. Therapy isn’t just for those who are “mad as a hatter”. Having said that therapy is definitely for people who have gone through unthinkable hurt and trauma. It is also for those wanting to get a handle on automatic or intrusive thoughts and for those who are wanting to make a softer shift in their thinking, patterns, and/or behaviours. Some people are just looking for a little quiet and validation.

My approach to therapy might differ from the traditional "therapist" you may have in mind. We do things a little atypical here (couch sitting need not apply). I believe in art & creative expression as a way to communicate and heal. Actually, I believe it is the best avenue for those who find it difficult to verbalize what might be troubling them, or who struggle to identify what might be wrong in the first place. 

This is exactly why I’ve been inspired to create a variety of services just for YOU:

Next time we meet, I hope it's in person! 
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You can also find me at Red Fox Creative Studio - where I nurture adults to unearth their innermost expressive voices.


Living Artfully

Ask yourself not what you can do with ART but what ART can do for you.