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Kayla creates this heart-opening moment when my voice is heard and my feelings are valid. Be kind to yourself and sign up for something (anything), it might be the best gift you’ve given yourself in a while!
— Expressive art enthusiast

Hi! I’m Kayla Huszar

I’m a little bit of everything - seeker of truth, creator, helper, wanderer and explorer.

Registered social worker giving you permission to think of therapy in a NEW way. YES let’s get real. YES let’s get creative. YES let’s be mindful. No, we don’t need to sit on couches.

I care. I listen. I see you. The real you.

It is my greatest passion to guide women through creativity, mindfulness, and conversation, as a way to grow & heal.

I encourage your truth. I invite you to explore your inner self.

Lean in to the discomfort. Change is closer than you think.

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Women’s Wellness Toolkit is a free expressive art series guiding you to more joy, presence, and balance through mindfulness and creativity.

Exercises emailed directly to your inbox every 2 weeks over the summer, starting July 1st.
You can join at any time!


I support women, just like you.

Whether you’re looking to heal from your past, looking for support in motherhood, or something a little lighter like self-development coaching, I am your gal!

I quite literally want to meet YOU where you are at:

  • We can walk & talk

  • You can come to my studio office space

  • I can come to your house
    (applies to new moms only)

  • You can invest in a self-study
    (e-courses coming soon)

    You are worth the time is takes to create the life you want.

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