My sessions with Kayla are different from other counsellors I have seen; she cares, she listens & she knows me. This type of work is invaluable in a society that pressures women to be perfect, she invites you to be vulnerable while exploring yourself in a nonjudgmental & safe environment. During every session I am learning something new about myself. She often has practical quote, piece of wisdom, song to listen to, or book to explore to help with whatever I am struggling with. Thank you.
— Expressive Art Counselling
Working one on one with Kayla creates an oasis moment when my voice is heard and my feelings are valid. Then she helps me move forward in my personal process.
— Expressive Art Counselling

I started seeing Kayla as a regular counsellor after I was properly diagnosed by my doctor. Since I made some changes (counselling and medication) I don’t feel like I’m drowning; when I cry, I know the tears will stop. A mixture of counselling with Kayla, medication, an openness with my partner, and consistent self care, have been my way of coping with PPD. Each person needs a different mixture of things to cope. I couldn’t be happier that I’ve found what works for me, right now.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel, there is a way out, what you’re going through now is not going to be forever.
— bringing home baby
Every time I leave Kayla’s studio, I leave with a sense of calm. Her presence brings me down to a level where I can allow myself to be introspective and in-the-moment. Kayla has helped make my postpartum period a lot more enjoyable.
— Bringing Home Baby

Being a part of this group was a very important part of my journey into discovering who I am as a mom. It helped me to feel supported and validated many of my worries, fears and frustrations as a new mom. I feel very blessed to have been part of this group of strong, honest, amazing women.
— Maternal Healing Group
As a new mother, I was feeling overwhelmed, under appreciated & completely exhausted. I registered for this group because I am a creative person, however, after giving birth, I found very little time for it. I walked into the first session with an open heart, I was completely & utterly blown away. Kayla guided us through eight very intentional weeks with grace & steadfastness. Her ability to lead a group of weary parents was astonishing. The equal opportunities for creativity, meditation, discussion & playfulness brought me into a safe and comfortable space. This group taught me that I’m strong enough to stand on my own, while still being able to ask for help.
— Maternal Healing Group
This group changed me. It gave me the courage to find my strength and confidence as a mother - THE mother to my child. I found my voice in this newfound role and I’m not sure I would have found it if it were not for this class.
I think the sense of safety and intimacy was due to the class sizes being small and consistent, so an authentic bond could be made with everyone.
Kayla’s maternal healing group is a wonderful resource for our community. All mothers would benefit from this unique experience. The small group setting creates a safe and welcoming place to share and explore within ourselves. The topics are interesting and relevant and the activities helped me discover new and profound things about myself. It was wonderful to get to know other mothers and support each other through our healing. I looked forward to going every week!
Kayla and my mom-group inspired me to be honest, to be vulnerable & let others do what they wanted with my story. I found through vulnerability I was able to create connections with others. I found myself. I found out that I’m amazing, strong, powerful, a force to be reckoned with. I found that I was able to be comfortable with myself (the bad stuff along with the good stuff). I owned my weaknesses, I admitted to what I was going through and I did it in MY words. I laid myself out and said, “this is me,” not for recognition, validation or acceptance, but because I needed to say it out loud, for ME. I was able to help others through this and I was able to receive help from others too.

Kayla often says ‘be gentle on yourself’. That really stuck with me, and I say it to myself daily. I genuinely learned to be kinder and more patient with myself, and have been able to practice that.
— Mindful Mothering
I attended Kayla’s “coping with music” session. I didn’t realize what a powerful affect music can have on my mood until reflecting on it during the group. Kayla helped me determine my low mood points during the day and how to incorporate music during these times. Intentional listening and customized playlists have now be added to my toolbox of coping skills. Thank you for creating a safe place to share and facilitating creative solutions!

My experience with Kayla was a women’s empowerment event. Since then I have spent a lot of time in the studio, mostly creating with Kayla and other mamas. I remember one of my first times in the studio telling Kayla it felt so homey. I seriously just love it there so much. Thank you Kayla for building such a great place for all people to create. Thank you so much for the services  you offer. I adore Red Fox Creative Studio. I’ve never felt so welcome somewhere ❤