Like so many other people when the topic of self-care comes up, my eyes glaze over (I can't help it). I know I should take care of myself. I know I'm a better mom when I actually do. I know it only takes 5 mins a day. I know!

I'm sure you already have your own secret wish-list for things you would do if you had an hour to yourself (if you don't, stop reading this and make one... seriously, go right now).

Start by asking yourself what you need. 

If it's a new hair cut, schedule the appt. If it's a solo walk with the dog, do whatever it takes to make it happen. If it's a cold drink on a patio, take a long lunch. If it's creativity, watch the video below.

Creativity will have YOU loosing yourself in time. YOU can stop your whirlwind thoughts by immersing yourself in creativity. YOU can have clarity and feel amazing!

One of the ways I practise self-care is by painting. Today I’ll be walking you through a creative process of making your own self-care affirmation cards!

How to make your own affirmation cards


  • Jar of water

  • Paper Towel

  • Spray Bottle (filled with water)

  • Paper (I’m using thick watercolour paper)

  • Stencils

  • Paint Brushes, Make-up Blotters, your fingers (really, any avenue to get the paint on the paper)

  • Acrylic Paint

  • Quotes + Embellishments (stickers, paper bits, etc)

This is a process - breathe - give it the time and space it needs - be gentle with yourself

  1. BREATHE - Don't think to hard about getting paint on the paper

  2. Start by making your color palette and layering the paint. Using the stencils with total randomness, get a base layer of paint on your paper.

  3. Keep stencilling for about 3-5 layers
    {Here I am working between 2 sheets of paper giving the paint time to dry on one before I move onto the next}

  4. Let both pages dry

  5. Cut your larger paper into smaller bits.
    I like mine around 2.5 x 3.5 inches

  6. Pick out some favourite designs from your pile

  7. Start decorating. More layering of paint. Drip paint with water. Quote (written or a sticker). Embellishments (flowers, lace, stickers, etc).

  8. Let it breathe

  9. Take notice… Sense when the card is done

  10. Keep or give to family or friends who need a boost

  11. Reflect on your creative journey and how it's helping you in your life

For those of you who already have an idea of the things you would do for yourself "if you had the time"... I encourage you to let these thoughts breathe, let them air out. Give them space to grow and nourish you.

Wishing you a creative day,


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